Saturday, 6 August 2016

Should man live simply as a slave of the norms and established paths of his times ?

Every man gets born into a particular period of time,and then compelled to live as a prototype of the norms,myths and values of such times. But, does life simply means for man to live as a passive component of a world that his predecessors had set the norms?

Life of each person, it seems necessary to be believed, is a unique CONTRACT with him by mother-nature. His in-born faculties are different,his experience realm is different and his relationships are different. Like different fate and characteristics of each vegetable or animal species,each person's fate and relation with EXISTENCE seems unique ! Perhaps, it might be similar to each cell in human-body;with its unique function towards the whole.

This introduction was presented to make it known to the readers that, the purpose of having the PAGES of this person is, to share with all others, his co-passengers in the great vehicle of LIFE, his very special experience fields, his encounters in life, his expeditions of seeking reality of EXISTENCE, and his endeavors to understand the mystery of LIFE and its institutions,myths and traditions.

Abraham J. Palakudy 
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